Monday, January 3, 2011


I didn’t remember the house.

My memories…as the house is now
Are shuttered and barred.

The winds of the Cape
Beckon and plead
For remembrance

None is available.

The storm that ravages the coast
Returns to beat against my chest.

Trying to beat into submission
Memories that will not submit.

They never will.

Poem by LSB (PoetryWings)

Drowning in Booze

He’d rather drown in booze than rain.
It really doesn’t matter, for his thoughts
Are not quite sane.

For he says, “They’re both a liquid and that makes
Them quite the same.”

He wanders through his muddled mind
And ponders, “When will drinking bring
My gain?”

His body’s decayed, his mind is spent.
He wallows in self-pity and in this he
Is content.

He’d rather drown in booze than rain.
For he overflows with liquor and fills
His glass again.

Poem by LSB (PoetryWings)